my room tour

room tour time.

Over the past few years i have spent a ridiculous amount on my room trying to get it the way i want it.

However i think I’m now ready to say I’m happy with it 😉

So! I thought i would give you guys a cheeky look around! il try my best to remember where i bought everything from 🙂


Desk/dressing table, bedside table and wardrobe all from Oak furniture clearance

Wallpaper- Laura Ashley

Vase- Wilkinson’s

Frame- Paprika

Candle- Wilkinson’s

Love- Store 21 (i LOVE store21 for home stuff!!)

Candle- Wilkinson’s

Heart Bowl- Wilkinson’s

Frame- Paprika

Clock- Paprika

Artificial flowers- Ebay

Bird- Paprika.. i do believe..

Mannequin- Ebay

Hanging hearts- Paprkia

I have so many of these in my room!!

Lipstick Holder- Ebay

Brush Holder- Ebay

Necklace hanger- Paprika

Frame- Store21

lovely people in the frame- not for sale.

Stone heart- Wilkinson’s

Pink Heart- Paprkia

Heart Lights- Primark

Owl cushion- Cargo

Lights- Next

Duvet set- Primark

Heart cushion- Primark

Love cushion- Paprika

Amour cushion- Next

Hanging love- Paprika

Bed- Argos


Light Curtain- Next

Mirrors- Wilkinson’s



hiya guys, sorry this blog is a week late! It was my 21st birthday last week so i thought i would share some of the things i got up to with you!


 ps… just to warn you this blog is very soppy and includes a lot of ‘beautifuls’ as i had a very emotional week which included a lot of happy tears (don’t know what has got into me) so if you hate the soppy stuff turn away now!

 I work full time so i booked a few days off work to celebrate with my closest ones 🙂

 sooooo here goes, Thursday 12th March:

 I work in a Hair and Beauty salon in the beautiful town of Bradford On Avon (worth a visit) so i took advantage and went to get a spray tan, you have to be a bronze goddess for your 21st birthday after all! My beautiful friend Millie is the beautician here so she gave me a good spray then off i went back home to meet my wonderful mother who i can’t thank enough for everything she done for me during my birthday week let alone my entire life!

I met mum back at home and we went out for coffee in our home town which followed by having a little gander around the shops!

Anyway later on that day we started getting ready to go to the Bristol Hippodrome to see WICKED, and oh my goodness.. how wicked was it?! i can’t even explain my excitement, i am still buzzing now.. over a week later. I would definitely recommend booking tickets to see it! I would do anything to be able to work in theatre, it looks like the most amazing job ever. very jealous.


 Friday 13th March…. ooooo friday the 13th has to fall the day before my 21st.

 Today i spent the day with my mum and my best friend of 10 years Abbie!

We went shopping in Bath, Abbie needed an outfit for saturday and we had lots of birthday essentials to buy! PINK PINK PINK PARTY.

Topshop was our number one stop for an outfit… wish i was a billionaire so i could buy everything they stock 😦 unfortunately Abbie couldn’t find a top to match her skirt so we then went to River island where she found such a pretty top at an amazing price! … i also bought some clothes which was naughty of me.

 We then went and bought some party bits and bobs then we went and got our nails done, i went for acrylics with a nude polish in the almond shape.

After we shopped ourself out we went back home and started baking for the PINK PARTY, (i love pink)..

 We had a right laugh baking as we tried to make cake pops.. after finding out you can actually buy these.. anyway this was a disaster. At first they looked like tits in the oven pahaha.. then the chocolate wouldn’t set on them and we stood there for at least an hour twirling them so they wouldn’t drip everywhere.. we looked so odd.

I also attempted to turn popcorn pink by making small holes in the popcorn bag before putting it in the microwave and adding pink food colouring.. as you can guess that didn’t work out too well either!


 After we finished all the baking we decided to make some cocktails to see what we could make for the party tomorrow. This ended up with us getting stupidly drunk.

One of my other best friends Josh then came round and he brought a Dominos with him..what a gem 

 By this point it was midnight so it was officially my birthday! My dad said that i could open all my cards and one present.. now this sounds so ungrateful but i promise you it wasn’t meant like that at all.. i opened my present and it was car mats.. i looked at my dad and said ‘you got my car mats for my 21st birthday’ *face palm* at this point it didn’t notice they were custom made leopard print, yet to my knowledge what was inside the mats..i lifted them up and out fell my own personalised number plates, all i remember was falling to the floor and crying my eyes out.. with everyone laughing at me. I was in so much shock, i honestly never expected it!! This might seem like a complete overreaction to some of you, but i was extremely emotional as i haven’t had the best few years of my life and the fact my family and friends have gone out of their way to make my birthday the best they possibly could was so overwhelming.


 Saturday 14th March (the best day of the year) :



 I woke up feeling slightly hungover, got myself ready and went downstairs to open some presents from the family. I received some lovely presents including a beautiful ring from my grandparents.

 I share my birthday with my cousin Harry which was 10 today 🙂 so we went to visit him and exchange presents and had some cake!

 I then went out for lunch and drinks with my parents, unfortunately my brother couldn’t make it back from University so we will celebrate with him when he comes back for Easter.

 Later on Abbie came back round and she did my makeup for me and we started to get ready, all of my other friends started to arrive by this point!

My best friend (chummy) Jordan got me a moon pig mug with a photo of us at new year on, which i will drink my green tea from.. i get the hint haha! and a cute card full of photos!

Most of my best friends are at uni and they managed to come back and celebrate with me! They also all got me this beautiful necklace with all our names on it!


 We then pre drank at my house and got the train into Bristol where we had VIP booked at a club! Drank a silly amount, danced untill i couldn’t feel my feet and had the most amazing night ever!



thank you to everyone who made this the best birthday ever!

lots of love


Drugstore Lipsticks

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick Twilight -£6.99

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick Vibrant Coral 110- £5.49

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick Velvet Beige- £6.99

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Pink Blush 6- £4.99

Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick Pink Punch- £6.99

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick Mandarina-£6.99

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Shocking Coral- £6.99

Today i have chosen 7 of my favourite drugstore lipsticks. All of them look completely different on and this works well to co-ordinate with outfits, eye makeup and just how you are generally feeling!

‘Twilight’ by GOSH is a lot darker than the rest and you have to be quite daring to wear it. This colour is extremely dark purple and would suit a natural eye makeup.

The most common lipstick i wear is the ‘Pink Blush’ by Rimmel. This colour suits my skin tone and will match any makeup you create as it isn’t too dark.

‘Mandarina’ by GOSH looks amazing when you have a tan, this lipstick has an orange undertone which really suits any brown eyeshadow tones.

‘Vibrant coral’ by Kate Moss is very vibrant red, its not your typical red tone but i wouldn’t personally call it coral as i have other lipsticks which are much closer to the coral tone.

‘Velvet beige’… i call this my velvet teddy- MAC as in my opinion they are quite similar! I’ve been trying to get my hands on velvet teddy for a long time, however this lipstick has been a very good replacement!

‘Pink punch’! this is a purply pink tone and its the second darkest out of my chosen colours. Once again i would apply this lipstick when they eyes are looking more natural!

Finally ‘shocking coral’- the brightest lipstick going! Amazing colour for the summer time as it is very vibrant and goes with pretty much any makeup look 🙂