hi! im kathrine a 21 year old fashion and beauty enthusiast from Bath. Qualified Makeup artist and beauty therapist. Currently training to become a hairdresser.. also completely obsessed with puppies.
This blog will be full of makeup, hair, fashion, travel and lifestyle!

When I finished school I wasn’t sure on where I wanted to go in life. I always changed my mind on what job I wanted to do and what path I would take. It eventually came to me attending college with a last minute application for beauty therapy. I wasn’t sure if this was for me but as I started the training I really started to enjoy it. After I qualified as a beauty therapist I then decided that I wanted to become a makeup artist, (this has always been my dream job, however I was told it wouldn’t take me anywhere.) I did a 2 year course through Oxford brooks studying media makeup, this included bridal makeup, fashion makeup, theatrical makeup, hair, wig making and art. I enjoyed it so much but towards the end I started to have a panic about what route I would take next… Would going freelance be too much of a risk?

My dad always told me that I should become a hairdresser, and through the course I realised that I had a natural talent in hair up. This then brought me to where I am now. I am currently working for an amazing company whilst doing my training to become a hairdresser. I believe this was the right route to take as it fits in so well with my makeup career.

I still work as a freelance makeup artist and when it comes to qualifying I hope these two careers will work well together.

For booking enquiries email:


enjoy xxxx

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