Hair competition 2015

As some of you may know I am training to become a hairdresser, every year my salon ‘Melanie Giles Hairdressing’ puts on an apprentice competition which allows all 18 apprentices to show off their talents and inspirations in the hairdressing industry. 

(My blog for the Melanie Giles website)

This is the second year I have taken part in the competition and after successfully wining the first category last year I felt I had a lot of pressure on me this year! 

This time round I was placed in the second year category which is judged on cut and colour. 

I wanted to try something really different than usual to make myself stand out, the colour grey is so on trend at the moment and it is extremely hard to create. So therefore I gave myself the challenge.. Which became very stressful. 

For the colour I scalp bleached my models hair, then toned it step by step with my grey mixture, and removed when it was the desired colour. 

For the cut I created a blunt one length cut, with a transient length (layer), a slight forward graduation and then cut in a undercut.

  Finally I styled the hair as an afro, by taking sections of the hair wrapping it around a pin tail comb and heating with the straighteners. (This took a very long time) It was extremely repetitive!! 

The makeup I decided to do on my model was very pale skin with dark eyes, a dark purple lip and contoured with a dark colour. 

This year the competition was extremely tough as everyone did so well! 

  However I was so shocked when I was announced as the overall winner! This was a huge achievement for me and I was presented with my award from the amazing Errol Douglas. 

My prize is to attend a 2 day course at the Aveda Academy in London! ( so excited!!!!)  

Massive thank you to everyone at Melanie Giles and Lucy my stunning model!  

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