my room tour

room tour time.

Over the past few years i have spent a ridiculous amount on my room trying to get it the way i want it.

However i think I’m now ready to say I’m happy with it 😉

So! I thought i would give you guys a cheeky look around! il try my best to remember where i bought everything from 🙂


Desk/dressing table, bedside table and wardrobe all from Oak furniture clearance

Wallpaper- Laura Ashley

Vase- Wilkinson’s

Frame- Paprika

Candle- Wilkinson’s

Love- Store 21 (i LOVE store21 for home stuff!!)

Candle- Wilkinson’s

Heart Bowl- Wilkinson’s

Frame- Paprika

Clock- Paprika

Artificial flowers- Ebay

Bird- Paprika.. i do believe..

Mannequin- Ebay

Hanging hearts- Paprkia

I have so many of these in my room!!

Lipstick Holder- Ebay

Brush Holder- Ebay

Necklace hanger- Paprika

Frame- Store21

lovely people in the frame- not for sale.

Stone heart- Wilkinson’s

Pink Heart- Paprkia

Heart Lights- Primark

Owl cushion- Cargo

Lights- Next

Duvet set- Primark

Heart cushion- Primark

Love cushion- Paprika

Amour cushion- Next

Hanging love- Paprika

Bed- Argos


Light Curtain- Next

Mirrors- Wilkinson’s


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