what are the little things that annoy you?


So today whilst I’m sat in a hospital bed bored of out my mind I thought I would write a post on the things that bug me in life!

You may agree, or you may disagree.. everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

let me know what annoys you the most!

1. TRAFFIC. – Nothing worse than taking a short journey and then you end up spending double the amount of time in your car due to traffic.

2.Mess – I don’t understand how certain people can be so messy?! how does it not make you angry.

3. When people think they are fat, and intact they are tiny. –  YEAH YOU’RE BLOODY MASSIVE. Just shut up. you are not fat, end of.

4. People walking slow in front of me. – Why did you bother over taking me if you’re going to change your mind and walk at snail pace?

5. People who are late. – Start telling them an hour earlier, then they tend to turn up just on time.

6. People that eat really loudly. – Please just be quiet.. it’s not attractive

7. Fake people. – Why say one thing to someone and something different to another? being 2 faced gets you no where.

8. Chavs – I could rant forever. WHY DO YOU DO THE THINGS YOU DO. no, i do not want to hear your rubbish music as I’m walking down the street, that is what head phones are for.

9. People that drive really close behind you – First of all I’m doing the speed limit so get off my ass and calm down.

10. Trains – Why is it that every train i get on is delayed by at least 10 minutes?!

11. People that are constantly on their phone – Get a life. what did you do before you had that phone?

12. Breaking a nail. – Well I was growing that until it broke off and now it looks stupid compared to the others.

13. Bad hair days – Why are you doing this to me? I grew you myself and this is how you repay me.

14. Hot days when you’re working. – No thank you. I do not want to see your sunbathing selfie whilst I’m working inside sweating over a hair dyer.

15. People that get given everything. – Learn to get a job and welcome to the real world 🙂

16. Slow internet – Why am I paying for something that is wasting my time?

17. Insomnia – That’s cool, I didn’t really want to go to sleep tonight.

18. When you don’t know the name of a song!- Happens all the time, you know the lyrics but not the name!

19. Drying up – Longest job in the world.

20. Cyclists – Why are you cycling in the middle of the road knowing full well that there is a massive que of traffic trailing behind you.. it’s not like I have anywhere to be.

21. Algebra – Thank you very much maths teacher for failing me because it’s really ruined my life so far, probably used it everyday since I left school.

22. Applauding in the cinema – Just no? Be quiet I’m trying to watch a film.

23. Kids that own apple products. – At your age I was outside drawing on the pavement.

24. Biting your tongue – Ouch.

25. Standing on a plug – Again ouch.

26. Dirty touch screen devices – Clean your screen please as I cannot see anything.

27. People who have no respect for you and others. – It’s called manners, and it’s not hard.

28. Defrosting my car. – One thing I dread every morning in the winter, gets worse when it’s on the inside of your window too.

29. How cold it is when you get out of the shower – Just had the hottest shower ever to jump into my room AKA Antarctica.

30. When my makeup won’t set on my nose. – All girls will agree.. why is my nose still red after applying 7 layers of makeup.

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