Paris Feb 2015

It was coming up to mums 50th birthday and I wanted to do something really special for her.. So what’s better than a trip to celebrate in Paris?!

We kept it a surprise untill we got into London and she was in complete shock!

Anyway we had three days in Paris to do as much as we could.. And what a better way to spend it than visit.. DISNEYLAND! Everyone has to admit they have a guilty pleasure for Disney right?

We had the most amazing day there, meeting the characters and going on every ride possible!

We then finished the day watching the disney parade which has now made me want to quit my job and work as a Disney princess! (Every girls dream)

And obviously I couldn’t go the day without buying some ears…

Day 2…

Today we decided that we would visit all the big sites in the center of Paris, there is a bus that travels around in a big circle passing all these monuments including the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral. You can hop on and off the bus whenever you like!

As you could guess today was another full on day with so much to do! We managed to fit in so many sites in the space of a few hours! Knackered wasn’t the word.

Out of all these my favourite has to be the love lock bridge which is such a beautiful place. I would definitely recommend making a lock and visiting here if you go to Paris!

If anyone is looking for a short break away I would recommend Paris as it is such a beautiful city with so many different things to see and do!


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